Eco-Scholar Program

Congratulations to the 2017 Eco-Scholars!

  • Shanthanu Krishna Kumar
  • Nuzhat Jillani
  • Sokhany Do Svanna
  • David Borish
  • Ben Morgan



2016 Eco-Scholars

Smiles at the Organic Food & Wine Dinner

 2016 Eco-Scholars
“I really found it inspiring to see farmers of all different backgrounds, experiences and goals to be able to come together and work on a vision not only for the future of their own farms but helping to craft what human relationship with agriculture will and should look like in the future. Getting to meet the other Eco-Scholars – Chantal, Emily and Anterra was great (having already known Emma).  Being able to share ideas with them and having the opportunity to now connect with them in the near future to see where they have taken their goals is very exciting.”
– Justin Maddalena, 2016 Eco Scholar

Read more about Justin’s experiences in this blog article he wrote.

2015 Eco-Scholars

 2015 Eco Scholars

“I thoroughly appreciated my experience at the Guelph Organic Conference. The fact that I was an Eco-Scholar significantly enhanced the event’s impact for me. As a result, I would urge anyone who is at least interested in organics to apply for the scholarship. Be open to every learning opportunity no matter the topic!”
– Alex Sanders, 2015 Eco Scholar 

 Read more about Alex’s experiences in this blog article he wrote.