This is a busy campus, plan ahead regarding parking and be aware of all options.

Below is an interactive University of Guelph map showing all options.

**Click on image below to open 1 page printable pdf.

Thursday & Friday Daytime Parking Notes

You must pay for Thursday & Friday daytime parking.

** The parking lots at the University of Guelph are very busy, especially on weekdays. 

You can pre-order parking passes for Thursday and Friday until early January.  These passes are valid for specific lots which is noted on the pass.

If you are unable to purchase a pre-paid parking pass, you should plan to arrive a minimum of 45 minutes before the workshop.

Drive up to the parking attendant/kiosk in parking lot 31, just south of the Guelph University Centre on South Ring Rd. and purchase a parking pass from them.  (Link to U of G website about this here.)

The parking attendant will confirm which parking lot(s) you will be able to park in, but please be prepared to drive across to the east edge of campus.

Saturday and Sunday Parking

Parking is free on campus all day Saturday and Sunday.    (Confirmation & additional information here.)

The closest parking lot to the conference is P31 – a large parking lot about a hundred yards just south of the University Centre across from the bus terminal.  However, it does fill quickly.

If P31 is full please continue east on South Ring Rd E, and watch for Visitor parking along this road.

There are also lots off of East Ring Rd.

If attending workshops plan to arrive a minimum of 45 minutes in advance to allow time for parking and to check-in at the University Centre (near south doors).

 Additional Parking Option

The headquarters of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs is located just to the West of the University of Guelph campus.  There are parking spaces at the front and rear of the building, and it is about a 5-10 minute walk to the University Centre.

Their location is 1 Stone Road West, Guelph, Ontario N1G 4Y2

Parking fees may apply.