Be A Sponsor

The major Platinum, Gold & Silver Sponsors are marketing companies, distributors, brokers, etc. with Trade Show Main Level booths.

For anyone considering a sponsorship, there is ample value in coming in even at the $300/Sustainer level whether you exhibit or not.  Your logo and link will be visible for several months on this Web Site.

Supporting Canada’s longest-running organic marketing event has its own rewards – you are helping a thriving, independent, national enterprise to succeed.

Our non-profit entity (Organic Food Conferences Canada) has a goal of not taking any government funds – so every $300 contribution helps us continue to grow the event ‘sustainably.’

2020 Corporate Organic Sponsor Program

*HST is payable on all sponsorship fees.

Last updated Nov 12, 2019

Diamond Class (Exclusive) $25,000

  • The highest value promotional category.
  • Every DIAMOND CLASS term, benefit, commitment & obligation, including the consideration of your proposal, is by negotiation on a first-come basis.

Emerald Way $9,500

  • Prime placement 7ft. x 7ft. Trade Show space + 6 V.I.P. Conference Passes (see V.I.P. below)
  • You will be a PATRON of the Eco-Scholar Program – terms + marketing negotiable
  • Individual/customized signage at Conference
  • Prominent web logo placement
  • Logo printed on front cover of conference brochures
  • Proceedings promotion negotiable
  • Other terms negotiable

 Platinum Patron $6,500

  • Platinum Patron individualized promotional benefits negotiable.
  • Prime placement 7ft. x 7ft. Trade Show space
  • 5 V.I.P. Conference Passes (see V.I.P. below)
  • PLATINUM PATRON PROMOTION as a sponsor of one workshop of your choice
  • Web logo placement
  • Logo printed on front cover of conference brochures
  • Proceedings preferential promotions
  • Customized signage at Conference

Gold Funder $3,750

  • Prime placement 7ft. x 7ft. Trade Show space + 2 extra Dinner tickets
  • GOLD FUNDER PROMOTION + 4 V.I.P. Conference Passes (see V.I.P. below)
  • Web logo placement
  • Logo printed on front cover of conference brochures
  • Proceedings promotion (optional)
  • Customized signage at Conference

Silver Sponsor $2,000

  • Prime placement 7ft. x 7ft. Trade Show space + up to 8 Dinner tickets
  • Web logo placement
  • Listing in conference brochures
  • Listing in proceedings
  • Signage at Conference

Benefactor $700

  • 4 Organic Dinner tickets
  • Recognition in all Conference promotions, brochure listing, web logo placement
  • Listing in Conference Proceedings
  • Signage at Conference

Sustainer $300

  • 1 Organic Dinner ticket
  • Listing in Conference proceedings
  • Signage at Conference


  • All other financial donations – Thanks & Honourable Mentions

Advertising Opportunity (NEW)  $300

  • 1/2 page Black & White Ad in Proceedings
  • Silver Sponsors and greater receive priority when booking ads.  (until November 1st)
  • Limited number available


Terms & Conditions for Corporate Organic Sponsors

  • Definition: A V.I.P. Conference Pass includes: one entry pass to every workshop (Thursday-Sunday), 1 Organic Dinner ticket, V.I.P. Badge
  • All sponsor logos will appear on the Conference Web Site.  Residual promotion runs through mid-year.
  • All Proceedings ads to be confirmed by December 1, 2019.  Sponsors must provide jpeg artwork.
  • Other terms, benefits & proposals are negotiable if you wish to enhance your sponsorship.
  • All Corporate Organic Sponsorship confirmations due mid October for brochure listing.
  • Pay online via our website (contact Manager for link & password) or make cheque payable to ‘Organic Conference’ & mail to address Box 116, Collingwood, ON, L9Y 3Z4 – [HST# – 882143308]  Extended payment terms available.
  • Canadian Prices$ are quoted.  For U.S. sponsors wishing to pay in U.S.$, please phone the Manager for an agreed conversion rate.
  • Acceptance/confirmation of any sponsorship amount, recognition or benefit to you is at the sole and final discretion of the Board of Directors of Organic Food Conferences Canada
  • Corporate Organic Sponsors: if you are a certified organic food product supplier, we will promote you where possible to the University, to local restaurants, hotels and to other food service inquiries:  for organic purchases, caterings, coffee services.

Who are the Corporate Organic Sponsors?

Corporate Organic Sponsors represent the commercial backbone of the organic foods and farming sector.  These are companies & marketing agencies listed above which spend discretionary dollars to support organics. Those include:

  • For-profit processors, brokers, distributors & other traders in the organic food chain.
  • For-profit retailers.
  • For-profit agricultural marketers & grain handlers.
  • Seed vendors.
  • Equipment distributors.
  • Other supporting bodies involved in consulting and advocacy.

Official Organizing Sponsors

Description & Background

Official Sponsors are invited onto the Conference Committee by the board, based on their commitment to the goals of ‘organic foods, farming & gardening & closely related ecological issues.’

The current 16 Official Sponsor groups represent virtually the entire Canadian organic sector who come to Guelph, stand in the middle of the Organic Trade Show and put their work on display for you to experience first-hand.

These are the members of the Guelph Organic Conference Management Committee – a federal non-profit corporation registered as “Organic Food Conferences Canada.”

Feel free to contact any of these groups if you need information on what they do.

Virtually every one of these bodies has a table on the Trade Show Main Level – see the Trade Show Exhibitor List.  Be sure to visit all of their booths.  Get involved!