GOC 2025 Speaker & Program Announcements

The 2025 Guelph Organic Conference will present a diverse and inspiring lineup of speakers dedicated to advancing organic agriculture and sustainable food systems.



We are excited to welcome the following speakers who will lead us through

full and half-day Organic Intensives:


Gary Zimmer, “Father of Biological Agriculture”

Gary Zimmer is known as the “father of biological agriculture,” is an internationally known author, speaker, and consultant. He owns the 1000 acre Otter Creek Organic Farm near Lone Rock, WI, and is the author of three books, The Biological Farmer (Second Edition), The Biological Farmer and Advancing Biological Farming, and numerous articles on soils and livestock nutrition. He has empowered farmers from around the world to enhance crop yields and environmental sustainability through regenerative agriculture methods.





 Jack Algiere is the Chief Agroecologist at Stone Barns Center, a renowned farm and education center located in New York. The center serves as a hub for sustainable farming practices, agricultural education, and culinary innovation, fostering connections between land, food, and community. Jack has worked with agricultural, culinary, ecological research and food community partners in the Hudson Valley for 2 decades to study and strengthen the bioregional food shed. In this half-day session, Jack explores topics ranging from ecosystem monitoring and soil health analysis to the benefits of diverse agricultural systems, bioregional partnerships and incentives for habitat restoration projects.





Agri-Fusion is a leader in the production of field crops in Canada. Founded in 2000, Agri-Fusion is 100% organic since 2014. Within a few years, it became a major player in the industry as well as one of the biggest organic farms in Canada. Their mission is to sow, cultivate and harvest the future of organic products and to contribute to the sustainable development and innovation of organic farming. Join us for a half-day session as we hear from GM Éric Brochu and agronomist Alison Foucher about their farm.



Please check back to see updates and announcements as we share with you our confirmed lineup.