Posters, Postcards & Brochures

Full Colour Poster

Guelph Organic Conference 2018 - Poster Image

Black & White Poster

Guelph Organic Conference 2018 Flyer Words Only (Pdf)


Guelph Organic Conference 2018 Postcard


2018 Guelph Organic Conference Brochure - Front Cover

Mail In Registration Form


Mail In Registration Form - Guelph Organic Conference 2018

Printable Workshop Schedule Summary

Printable Workshop Summary Schedule Image

How To Order Brochures, Postcards, and Posters

  • Posters & postcards are available in July/August of each year.
  • Brochures are available at the beginning of November each year.
  • The printed 9″ x 16″ folded brochure contains the workshop program with full speaker names + registration forms.  
  • Over 7000 copies will be sent out into the organic network by individual mailings, in bulk to stores and sent out via CSA food boxes.  
We welcome individual requests and bulk orders of printed brochures, posters and postcards.
Posters can be ordered individually or in small batches.  Postcards & brochures should be ordered in bundles of 25.
Send your request via email to Tomas, Conference Manager at