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Rare Breeds New Arrival! White Park Heifer

White Park Arrival!

White Park Heifer

Great news from Rare Breeds Canada….

First registered White Park heifer calf born in Canada in a very long time, born April 8th.

“Can’t tell you how thrilled Elwood is….” – Pam


Some additional background information from Pam of Rare Breeds…

The White Park herd… they’re pretty special.

Our British counterpart, Rare Breeds Survival Trust, the first rare breeds organization, uses them as their logo.

Winston Churchill shipped a herd of White Parks to Canada during the World War Two – London Blitz in 1940. He felt they were one of Britain’s most precious assets. They had been brought to Britain by the Roman’s when Christ was a lad & had stood the test of time. The real threat of invasion forced Churchill to ship many valuable artifacts to safety, including these cattle. 

They first settled at the Toronto Zoo; some were sent to the US & some stayed in Canada. Sadly, the record for the Canadian herd is very poor due to a combination of unfortunate reasons.

Hopefully that will soon change with Elwood’s determined effort. Their health & breeding status had to be completely over-hauled and literally began from zero, with several conception attempts in the beginning. Hopefully they are on track now and will be kept in-calf to maintain optimum health.

The fabulous little heifer is picture-perfect which makes her even more special. Their markings are stunning.