Water Management for Small Organic Gardens

Eric Payseur's Garden

Water, water, water – every plant needs it and every gardener needs to know how to manage it!

A drought, or too much water can ruin a garden.

These natural occurrences are outside the backyard gardener’s control and so this workshop will help equip you with some of the fundamental principles to water-wise garden design.

Topics will include:

  • how to get started with integrating water systems into your garden design
  • irrigation methods
  • planning and planting plants wisely for their water needs
  • improving soil for greater water holding capacity
  • determining supplemental water needs

and more! 



This workshop is presented by COG (Canadian Organic Growers) and Gaia College.



Eric PayseurEric Payseur is an Ontario Representative for ECOCERT, as well as a gardening teacher of courses such as Gaia College’s Organic Master Gardener and Growing Organic Food.

Eric is an avid gardener himself and enjoys teaching his children the magic of growing in their backyard garden.

Gardens - Small Organic Beautiful Saturday Workshop