Frequently Asked Questions about the University of Guelph Campus

Where are the washrooms and ATM’s?

ATMs and washrooms are available.   If you need assistance finding these please go to the Check-In /Registration room for volunteer assistance. 

Is there a cafeteria?

Yes – on the University Centre (U.C.) Main Level – called ‘Centre 6 Café.’

It serves a wide variety of conventional, organic, vegan, ethnic and other foods.  It is open during most  hours of the Conference. 

You may also want to visit our Restaurant listings here.

Is their wheelchair access?

Yes. Ramps and elevators are accessible throughout the University.

Workshop Room Locations

Watch for A-Frame signage outside the University Centre doors to help guide you to the various workshop room locations.

Registered workshop attendees receive a proceedings booklet upon registration.  

Look inside the back cover for a map and workshop room information.

University of Guelph map with workshop room locations

Registration Room

The location of the registration room is in the University Centre near the south doors.

Peter Clark Hall

Peter Clark Hall (PCH) is the very large hall located in the Basement of the University Centre, directly below the Main Trade Show floor.   

To access this area use either the north or south elevators or either of the large sets of stairs on the east side of the Guelph University Centre building.

This hall can be divided into smaller rooms creating Peter Clark Hall North and Peter Clark Hall South.

This entire area is opened up and used for the Trade Show on Saturday and Sunday.


This room is on the 4th floor of the University Centre.  Use the north elevator, closest to the cafeteria to reach this room.


McNaughton is a separate building, located just outside of the cafeteria eating area beyond the NORTH University Centre doors and about 100 steps slightly to your left – we will have clear signage.


Thornbrough is a separate building, 50 steps to the right (east) of the U.C. right across a paved walkway outside the University Centre.


 Richards is a new building for 2016 & 2017, is just a few steps beyond Thornbrough to the east.   We will use 2 large rooms in Richards.