Volunteer Job Duties

Apply Now to Volunteer at the 2018 Conference!

 There are many different volunteer opportunities at the conference!

For general information on the benefits offered to volunteers please visit here.

Please review the following Job Duties below before applying.

Conference Volunteer Duties

The following duties are completed during the conference. 

Audio-visual technicians 

  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday positions.
  • Must be computer competent in order to assist workshop speakers with technical difficulties with PowerPoint, etc. 
  • A head technician will hold morning briefings and be available throughout your shift.  You are assigned a room for the entire day with time available for breaks.
  • In return for your full day of volunteering, you receive free access to 2 days of workshops (your choice of Friday, Saturday or Sunday).

Wednesday Set Up

  • Wednesday positions 2pm to 7pm.
  • Volunteers will assist with the set up of the registration area, unloading and moving supplies from vehicles, moving large tables and other furniture, hanging signs and other similar duties.
  • In return for your full shift of volunteering, you will receive free access to 2 days of workshops (your choice of Friday, Saturday or Sunday)

Coat check

  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday positons. 
  • Take money, give change, hang coats in orderly fashion. 
  • This is an important people person position.  You are welcoming guests.  You must be friendly, helpful, outgoing.

Coffee sales

  • Saturday, Sunday positions.
  • Take money and give change; keep area tidy; ensure sufficient supplies. 
  • You are not required to make coffee (this is provided by U. of Guelph Hospitality). 
  • This is a people person position.  You must be friendly, helpful, welcoming.

Runner / Gofer

  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday positions.
  • A variety of scheduled positions, including directing guests to workshop locations, staffing Info Table, collecting and stacking cardboard; placing and retrieving signage.


  • Saturday, Sunday positions.
  • Welcome guests and aid them in filling out registration forms; aid registration desk workers to ensure smooth flow at busy times. 
  • You must be friendly, helpful, outgoing.

Info Table Attendant

  • Be at Info Table for a full day (Saturday: 8-5:30; Sunday: 8-5) and receive 2 days’ free workshop access – your choice of days. 
  • Must be familiar with Conference. 
  • Past volunteers are very welcome to apply.

Keynote Forum

  • Friday evening position 6:00pm to 10:00pm. 
  • Set up and tear down keynote forum area with signage, water, etc. 
  • Take money and give change; collect tickets at door. 

 Trade Show Set-Up

  • Friday evening 7:00pm to 10:00pm
  • Working closely with the Trade Show Manager, this team will assist with a variety of set-ups.  
  • Some heavy lifting involved.

Saturday Morning Parking & Trade Show Set-Up

  • Saturday only position 6:00am to 9:00am. 
  • *Must be on site by 6:00 am on Saturday. 
  • Some duties involve working outside guiding vendors to the designated unloading area(s).   (Remember to dress warmly.)
  • Some heavy lifting, but handcarts and elevators are available.

Registration Desk

  • Thursday – Sunday positions. 
  • Register guests; handle money; be knowledgable about Conference program. 
  • End-of-day and end-of-Conference duties will include a variety of tasks for wrapping up the Conference.

Trade Show Tear-Down

  • Sunday 3:00pm to 7:30pm
  • Aid vendors with loading their vehicles
  • Assorted Conference tear-down duties such as collecting signage, re-arranging furniture, packing paperwork etc.
  • Some heavy lifting, but handcarts and elevators are available.

Workshop Monitors

  • Thursday – Sunday positions
  • Ensure only valid guests enter workshop location.
  • Hand out and collect evaluations.
  • Ensure all guests can hear everything (even if this requires forcefully reminding speakers of their responsibilities). 
  • Introduce and thank speakers. 
  • This is an important people person position.  You must be friendly, helpful, outgoing and able to take charge of the workshop environment if required – e.g. speaker not using microphone or talking too quietly; disruptive guests.

 Enewsletter Proofing (September to March)

  • Be involved in the approval process from September to March and have an opportunity to review the conference articles and enewsletters before they are posted
  • You should have either good proofing/grammar/spelling skills AND/OR a background in organic agriculture. 
  • Usually there is a 2-3 day turn around to read the article and enewsletter and respond with feedback to the Communications Coordinator.
  • Frequency of editing is about 1-2 times per month.  Volunteers don’t need to respond every time, but the expectation is that most times they do.
  • Applications for this position are ONLY accepted until December 21st – preferably sooner.
  • Completion of this duty does not qualify you for free entry to workshops.