Workshop Proposals

2021 Conference Proposals

Each year we host over 40 workshops and we encourage interested individuals to apply.

Topics should be consistent with the conference goals of “Organic foods, farming & gardening plus closely related ecological issues.”

Ideally, your workshop should fit into one of these themes…

  • Organic Crop Production – Large Scale (more than 100, to 500+ acres)
  • Organic Crop Production – Small Scale / Market Garden
  • Organic Livestock Production
  • Resilient Agriculture / Climate Change
  • Organic Gardening
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Biodynamics
  • Permaculture
  • New and/or unique crops
  • Women in Organic Agriculture
  • Organic Nutrition / Health
  • Another theme which you propose

If you have questions or want initial feedback on your idea(s) before submission you can…

Please note that the workshop proposal process is competitive. Each year, the conference receives more proposals than it can accept. In submitting a proposal you also agree, that if accepted, to adhere to various deadlines & requirements as a speaker.

For those proposals accepted for presentation at the 2021 conference, we will aim to provide formal confirmations mid to late summer.

 Due Date for 2021 Workshops Submissions:  Thursday, April 30th, 2020


How to Submit Proposals

** Submission process updated January 22, 2020.

Option 1 (Preferred) – Complete the online form below.

  • Please note you will not have the ability to save the form as you go.  We suggest you review the information required and have your answers ready beforehand.
  • If you are having a hard time getting the form to submit, please review that you have filled in all required fields.
  • Once your application has been submitted, a confirmation message should appear at the bottom of the page PLUS you should receive a confirmation email.

Option 2 – By email 

  • Submit the required information via email to both – [email protected] and
    [email protected]
  • Proposals submitted as pdfs, Word documents or information within the email are also acceptable.
  • In Subject Line please note “GOC21 Workshop Proposal – [Your Last Name] – [Topic]
  • We will aim to acknowledge your submission within 5-10 business days.

Option 3 – By mail 
Guelph Organic Conference  Box 116  Collingwood, ON  L9Y 3Z4

Workshop Application From

First Name (required)

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Organization / Business Name

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Who are you suggesting as a speaker? (required)
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If suggesting more than one speaker...

**please note that we accept a limited number of multi-speaker proposals

If you are suggesting more than one speaker, list all suggested speakers here - including first & last name, title, and organization ..

Please note it is a minimum requirement that suggested speakers have been contacted, are interested, and available to present if your proposal is accepted.

Yes, the suggested speakers are confirmed and ready to present if the proposal is accepted

No, the speakers recommended are not confirmed but have expressed interest in being involved

The speakers suggested are unaware of this proposal


The following information is collected, so that in the event your proposal is accepted our Communications Coordinator has this information to assist with promotion.

If any do not apply please indicate "na"

If suggesting more than one speaker, please include this info on each speaker.

Speaker Bio - 3-5 sentences

Speaker / Organization - Website

Speaker / Organization - Social Media (Please list any social media where the speaker and/or their organization is currently active.)
Facebook - Yes / No plus account name/link

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Speaker / Organization - Online Articles (Opportunity to include links to 1-3 articles featuring the speaker(s).)

I can provide 3-5 photos including speaker headshot(s) (required)
Yes, no problemI should have someI am unable to do this

Speaking Experience

*Please note that we encourage speakers of all experience levels to apply. However, we do take speaker experience into consideration when scheduling workshop days & times.

Seasoned Speaker - delivers workshops multiple times per yearExperienced Speaker - has delivered 5+ workshops in last 2 yearsLess Experienced Speaker - have delivered less than 5 workshops

*Powerpoint Experience
Have prepared 5 or more Powerpoints on my ownHave some experience with PowerpointWould be unable to prepare a Powerpoint presentationOther

Able to bring my own laptop for the presentationWould not be able to provide a laptop for the presentation


Organic Experience

*Please select the best answer to describe your organic experience.

Currently Certified Organic

Past Certified Organic Experience

Use Organic Practices & Aware of Certification Requirements

Use Organic Practices But Not Familiar with Certification Requirements


Additional comments / information:


About Your Proposed Workshop

Suggested Title(s) for the proposed workshop

Workshop Theme

Please check the themes that you feel are related to your workshop

Organic Crop Production - Large Scale (more than 100 acres,to 500 acres+)

Organic Crop Production - Small Scale / Market Garden

Organic Livestock Production

Resilient Agriculture / Climate Change

Organic Gardening

Urban Agriculture



New and/or unique crops

Women in Organic Agriculture

Organic Nutrition and/or Health

Other + please explain in comments

Additional comments re workshop theme...

Suggested length of the workshop? (required)
1 hour1 hour or 1 1/2 hours3 hourscan be adjusted for any length of time from 1 to 3 hourspossible full day topic

Workshop Level (required)
BeginnerIntermediateAdvancedI can adjust to a specific level of difficulty beginner to advanced

Workshop Description

*Please note that if your workshop is accepted as proposed we will use the following information to create a workshop description for our website and other promotional materials.

In 1 -3 paragraphs, please provide an overview / additional description of your workshop.

Please list 5-8 points that will be covered in your workshop...


I agree that if my workshop proposal is successful...

I agree that the proposed workshop will have an educational rather than a sales focus. It will not focus on promoting any specific products, businesses, specific methodologies or belief systems related to any of the speaker(s) personal business enterprises. The conference reserves the right to cancel the workshop or payment for the workshop if this policy is not adhered to."

Yes, I agreeI do not agreeWill need to discuss further


Health Information...please confirm if health information or claims will be made by during the proposed presentation (required)


If yes, you are required to disclose clearly to attendees the source of your information, including names and links to the supporting research.

Yes I agreeNo I do not agreeWill need to discuss further


I understand that there are various deadlines and requirements that I will need to complete as a speaker...
- respond to the Conference Manager to confirm payment terms, speaker benefits etc.
- provide photos and additional information to assist in promotion
- respond with the Audio Visual Coordinator to confirm audio visual needs
Yes, no problemI might need some help, but yes I will do my bestI am unable to meet these requirements


Are there any scheduling considerations that you would like us to be aware of? ie. travelling from a long distance so specific days or times preferred

One last question...

Have you reviewed your information and are you ready to submit your application? (required)

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