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Thursday & Friday

On these 2 days we offer longer, more intense workshops with a full day workshop on Thursday and four different 3 hour workshops on the Friday.  These longer seminars provide a greater depth of information and speaker feedback not possible in the shorter Saturday/Sunday workshops.

On these days, you must purchase passes for the specific workshops you plan to attend.

Please remember there is no Trade Show on these days. 

** The parking lots at the University of Guelph are very busy – especially on weekdays.  
We highly recommend you purchase a Parking Pass when attending Thursday or Friday workshops, which must be ordered by early January.


Saturday’s 2018 workshop format: 5 distinct streams, each contains 4 workshops, grouped as:

  • Organic Crop Production
  • Organic Livestock Production
  • Horticulture, Viticulture, Pollincation (*New)
  • Gardens – Small, Organic, Beautiful (*New)
  • Resilient Agriculture 

Your Saturday Workshop Badge allows you entry into all of the workshops.

“The Saturday lunch hour break is one of the most intense hour & three-quarters in organics today anywhere in the Western Hemisphere.  The workshops will just be getting out, you will rush to buy lunch in Centre 6, trying to get up to the Meet N Greets upstairs, to go see the 8 exhibitors you wanted to see and the 4 friends who said they’d meet you in front of the COG booth.  The thought of missing out on some of this will cause your future to flash before your eyes.  Luckily, there’s another shorter break in the afternoon where you can catch up on what you missed at lunch.  We said it would be intense.  Wear your jet boots.”  – Tomas Nimmo, Conference Manager 


15 workshops organized in 5 themes

  • Organic Crops & Production
  • Our Food Heritage
  • Horticulture Crops, Speciality Crops & Systems
  • Design, Permaculture
  • Consumers & Nutrition

  Your Sunday Workshop Badge allows you entry into all of the workshops.

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