Being an Organic Locavore

Saturday, January 26, 2019 - 9:00 am to 10:00 am

Workshop Description

This workshop will examine our personal relationships with food and provide tools, techniques and alternative ways of thinking to help cultivate and maintain that relationship.

We will explore the elemental forces that exist in everything, the daily, monthly, seasonal & life-long rhythms and cycles at play and the body’s requirements during those cycles learning to align what, when & how we eat with the food nature makes available to respond shifting energetic forces.

Using Ayurvedic principles to harmonize with cyclical influences, we can all become “Organic Locavores” taking food beyond simply a form of sustenance, and making it a tool for self-empowerment to create optimal health from within.

Topics covered will include:

  • the elements
  • our dosha or individual constitution
  • cyclical rhythms
  • the needs of the present moment
  • the inherent qualities of food
  • presence and awareness as it pertains to eating
Colourful salad
A handful of asparagus
Local finds - mushrooms/greens

Speaker: Catherine Satya Stilo

A few years ago, Catherine embarked on an adventure leaving a career in manufactured food marketing to follow her heart. That journey led to some amazing places: New Mexico to build Earthships with visionary architect Michael Reynolds; Vermont for Permaculture (PDC) with Ben Falk at Whole Systems Design and The Big Island for Hawaii Yoga Festival.

Experiences from her career, from a calorie-restricted fitness competition diet and from Ayurvedic training combined with recent experimentation with eating protocols for health challenges give her a unique perspective on food and the difference between simply feeding and truly nourishing oneself.

Catherine’s mission is to provide space to grow together, discover optimal health, and live more authentic, connected lives. She, and her partner, John, combined their passions for yoga, permaculture and sustainability and created Terra Kula Eco-Education Site hosting 200-hr Nature Immersion Yoga Teacher Trainings in July and Permaculture Design Courses in August.

When she’s not teaching or training, you’ll find Catherine barefoot in the grass, connecting with the rhythms of the natural world and flowing with the peaceful, alive, and off-grid vibe at Terra Kula.

Catherine Satya Stilo
Faculty & Director, DevaTree School of Yoga
E-RYT 200/RYT 1000 Candidate, PDC, Fitness & Cycling Instructor, Hons. BBA
‘Love Who You Are’
‘Growing Together

Catherine Stilo
Catherine Stilo