Cropping Strategies to Reduce Tillage

Saturday, January 26, 2019 - 1:30 pm to 2:45 pm

Lakeview Organic Grain photo

Workshop Description

Organic farmers know how important soil conservation and soil health is for successful crop production. Though plowing periodically does not necessarily harm soil structure significantly in a healthy, microbial-active soil, we try to reduce both frequency and intensity of tillage whenever practical.

In this workshop, strategies to reduce tillage through crop rotation, use of short-term cover-crops, bio-tillage, and rolled cover crops will be discussed.

New equipment that reduces both depth and intensity of tillage will be demonstrated.

After working with planting soybeans into rolled rye for several years, we have experienced both success and failure depending on weather and field conditions.

We will discuss factors that seem to determine success of “organic no till”, and other ways to reduce tillage and protect soil health.

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Other Workshops!

Mary-Howell and Klaas will present at various times throughout the Guelph Organic Conference including this workshop and  “Advanced Organic Cropping Strategies” on Thursday, January 24th .

They will also be co-presenters at “Soil Health” on Friday, January 25th, and Mary-Howell will be a panelist at the Women in Organics panel discussion the evening of Friday, January 25th.

Speakers: Mary-Howell and Klaas Martens

Mary-Howell Martens and her husband Klaas have farmed organically since the early 1990s.  Currently they farm 1600 acres of certified organic grain crops and operate a feed mill in Penn Yan, New York.

Mary-Howell and Klaas Martens