Fighting Climate Change On The Farm – This Is Our Ecosystem

Sunday, January 27, 2019 - 2:15 pm to 3:15 pm

Tractor in field

Workshop Description

How does a commercial organic farm make a positive contribution in the fight against climate change?

Join Martin de Groot, Owner of Mapleton’s Organic to explore a number of initiatives in place, and being explored at their farm, and how these interact as part of their farm ecosystem.

Topics covered will include:

  • Cover crops, soil life and their relationship to
    • healthy productive crops
    • building organic soil matter
    • sequestering carbon
    • reducing soil erosion
  • Crop rotations at Mapleton’s
  • Wind breaks and Buffer strips
    • Much more than wildlife habitat
    • Crop, soil & pollinator impacts
  • Conservation / strip tillage
    • what it is
    • challenges to implementing it within organic crops
    • potential benefits
  • Assorted projects
    • Compost Pack
    • Solar Panels
A buffer strip between 2 fields
Buckwheat roots
Black swallowtail butterfly on Queen Anne's Lace

Speaker: Martin de Groot

Martin is the owner of Mapleton’s Organic.  Initially, the farm was conventional but was transitioned to organic in 1990.

The farm currently consists of 400 acres of certified organic land and a herd of 70 milking cows producing 600,000L of milk used for Mapleton’s products annually.

Products include yogurt which is distributed across Ontario; and frozen yogurt and ice cream which is distributed across Canada.


Martin de Groot