How Farmers Can Profitably Work With Chefs

Sunday, January 26, 2020
10:30 am to 11:30 am

Workshop Description

Learn what chefs are looking for and how your farm could provide this.

This workshop will discuss vegetables, fruits, meats, and even grains.

Topics covered will include:

  • Which crops and what varieties are best suited for chefs.
  • How to boost soil health, cultural practices, harvest timing, and post-harvest handling for premium quality.
  • Making sure complete orders are perfectly fresh, uniformly packed, and arrive on time.
  • Know your costs of production so you can receive fair prices.
  • Build your Brand by always attaching a label and regularly reminding customers how you provide what they value.
  • Techniques for extending the seasons for longer availability.
  • Ways to increase prices and to make sure you are paid on time.

Canoe restaurant chefs coming for a tour but also bring a picnic lunch.

Chef Claudio with his son on a farm visit.

Salsify (oyster plant) are rarely grown in Canada, but common in Europe.

Smooth skinned Jerusalem Artichoke that is easier to clean and peel.

Green leaves can be grown for their attractive shapes.

Crosnes which make fascinating presentations.

Beet berries are an easy to grow savoury curiosity.

Speaker: David Cohlmeyer

The food we grow, purchase and create truly impacts our climate, biodiversity and culture.  Appropriate food selections preserve our soil, maintain our jobs, strengthen our well being, stimulate our innovations, and preserve our traditions. Conscientious corporate and individual decisions today will lead to further beneficial food alternatives tomorrow.

David Cohlmeyer’s broad experience in the food industry will be shared in this workshop as he discusses how to work with chefs, to support both organic growing, and make a profit as well.

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