On-Farm Vermicomposting

Sunday, January 27, 2019 - 12:45 pm to 1:45 pm

Vermicomposting bins

Workshop Description

This workshop will focus on: first, how to build and operate a farm-scale vermicomposting system; and second, how to use vermicompost to increase the health and fertility of soils.

We will go into detail on how to build vermicomposting systems that produces high quality worm castings, focusing on flow-through, stacked bin, and windrow methods.

We will also provide a detailed assessment an overview on the latest findings in soil ecology and how vermicompost can change soil ecology to benefit productivity, disease suppression, and carbon sequestration.

Turning a compost pile with a pitchfork, worms showing
Vermicompost Bin with lid open

Speaker: Glenn Munroe

In addition to many years of experience with vermicomposting, Glenn spent eight years compiling and studying the latest research on soil health as part of my duties in my former position as Senior Policy and Decision Analyst for the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario.

He is also the author of the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada’s Manual of On-Farm Vermiculture and Vermicomposting.

Since January, 2017, he has been a soil-health educator with the Compost Council of Canada.

Most recently in 2018 he assisted a community farm in  their construction of an out-door, large scale vermicomposter, and have been providing on-going technical support to a Toronto-area worm composting business.


Glenn Munroe