Permaculture – A Quiet Revolution in Community Food Forests

Saturday, January 25, 2020
9:00 am to 10:00 am

Workshop Description

The workshop will cover regenerative and restorative agriculture in an urban setting.

We will discuss residential, corporate and community applications.

The workshops specific focus will be about pollinator gardens, ediblescapes and food forestry in urban underutilized green spaces.

Topics covered will include:

  • What is permaculture
  • Monoculture vs Polycultures
  • 13 Beneficial and medicinal weeds
  • “The Value of one, the Power of Many” Grow Eat Share
  • How to start a community food forest

Image above:

As the Food Forests develop, they become a center point for sharing resources, engaging and connecting community members. Through discussions with local businesses, informational sessions and many volunteer hours, the food forests and pollinator gardens are creations made possible through community collaboration.

(3)Edible Trails 1080 sq

Envision urban spaces transformed into green cities with organic food and pollinator plants growing in it’s many underutilized green spaces. Our cities will become more beautiful, healthy and connected. We can realize this vision through collaboration with city council, parks and recreation, neighbourhood associations, community organizations, land owners, schools, and people like yourself.

(1) ForestHeights Food Forest 1080 sq

Forests are a great example of nature’s capacity to thrive in diverse conditions. As our need for more restorative and regenerative land practices grows, the forest is an excellent guide for building ecologically sound landscapes as well as food systems.

“The way that this initiative has been organised, with a well-planned and thoughtful strategy for outreach, focus on youth, municipal and government bodies, is very interesting. Also the simplicity of the initiative is inspiring. It is replicable in other cities”. – Meena Menon


Corporate Ecological Team Building Workshops cross barriers of age, gender and culture, bringing corporate communities together through soil whilst creating ecological wellness. Our greatest efforts are maximized through collaboration.


Speaker: Nicola Thomas

Nicola Thomas is a passionate caretaker of the environment and is deeply committed to increasing community awareness of urban Food Forestry benefits.

Nicola shares her knowledge of restorative agriculture through educational talks, seminars, one-on one mentoring, and hands on practical workshops.

She travels for conferences about Food Forestry and has been mentored by top permaculturists from around the world. Nicola is also an active consultant on all things permaculture in the South Western Ontario region.