Propogation of Edible Perennials

Sunday, January 27, 2019 - 9:00 am to 10:00 am


Workshop Description

The only way to plant a diverse edible landscape without spending lots of money is to acquire the genetic material and learn how to propagate plants.

This workshop will cover a variety of techniques used to germinate seeds and produce clones of herbaceous perennials, as well as shrubs and trees.

Plant propagation isn’t difficult, but it requires some work, attention to detail and an understanding of the requirements of each species.

The rewards, however, are multitude.  From one edible plant we can often create hundreds in a short period of time.  Nature, it turns out, is the ultimate benefactor.

Topics covered will include:

  • seed stratification & scarification
  • division
  • root cuttings
  • hardwood cuttings
  • softwood cuttings
  • use of rooting hormone
  • sources for hard-to-find seeds

Note:  Ben will also be presenting a 3 hour workshop – “Cultivating Cold-Hardy Perennial Vegetables” – on Friday January 25th.

Low Raised Bed for Propogation

Speaker: Ben Caesar

Ben Caesar operates Fiddlehead Nursery, which he started in the spring of 2012.

He was introduced to permaculture and forest gardening through a friend in Guelph, where he filled his small urban yard with edible perennials before moving to the Beaver Valley in the spring of 2011.

Besides edible plants, he’s passionate about green building, literature, paddling, wildlife, and Anna Maria Tremonti.

Ben Caesar Fiddlehead Nursery