Soil Health

Friday, January 25, 2019 - 1:15 pm to 4:15 pm

Section of soil with cover crop stubble

Workshop Description

What is soil health and how do you know you have it?

The ability of the soil to support life and abundance is dependent on our ability to manage soil in a health way. With so many of our soils and water systems degraded or under threat of degradation – Soil Health Matters to Everyone.

Almost every mouthful of food you eat and all the water you drink has touched the soil.

Attend this workshop to learn what soil health is, how to measure it and get involved in soil health in your community.

Topics covered will include:

  • what is soil health -its about more than soil, its also water quality, biodiversity, food security, carbon sequestration and financial stability
  • how to measure soil health – examples of real in field measurements that anyone can use, carbon analysis for longer term bench marking, demos
  • principles of regenerative farming – The 6 principles of regenerative farming- keep soil covered, living roots 24/7, diversity, least disturbance, integrate livestock, think systems on watershed scale
  • measurement results from Erin Soil Health pilot project
  • stories of adaptive management that local farmers are using and sharing with other local farmers
  • training citizen scientists to collect soil health measurements
  • how do soil health measurements help farmers make management decisions?
  • is your community ready to take on a soil health project
testing soil
Clover in corn silage
Soybeans in rolled rye

Speakers: Ruth Knight + Mary-Howell and Klaas Martens

Ruth Knight has 30 plus years of experience in Organic Agriculture, soil and crop management, transition, and certification.  You can also meet Ruth Saturday and Sunday at her Trade Show booth for Organic Consultant Inc. in the basement level.

Ruth Knight giving a workshop

Mary-Howell and Klaas Martens operate Lakeview Organic Grain located in Penn Yan, New York which includes a 1600 acre organic farm and feed mill operation.

The Martens will also present “Advanced Organic Cropping Strategies” on Thursday, January 24th, and “Cropping Strategies to Reduce Tillage” on Saturday, January 26th.  Mary-Howell will also be a panelist for the Friday night Forum – Women in Organics.

Mary-Howell & Klaas Martens

** There will be a limited quantity of workshop passes available for this and other Friday workshops.  Advanced purchase recommended.